CNC Machining Centers

The word "Yama" means mountain, or peak, in Japanese. "Seiki" means precision machinery. In the machine tool world, Yama Seik means precision machines with peak performance, quality, and value.

Established in the year 2000, Yama Seiki USA belongs to The Goodway Machine Tool Group, which includes Goodway Machine Corp. and Awea Mechantronic Co. With over 55 years of combined experience in manufacturing high quality machine tools within their own field of expertise, Description: YAMA SEIKI Logo for milling since 1986 and Description: YAMA SEIKI Logo for turning since 1975. Together, we produce over 2,500 CNC turning and machining centers of various sizes annually for the world market and is steadily growing at 20~30% per year. Yama Seiki USA unites the Goodway and Awea products together to form one of the most extensive machine tool lines the market has to offer, and is dedicated to serve the North American market.

  • AV series: Linear Precision
  • AF Series: Linear High Speed
  • BM Series: Box Way

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