Single Cylinder 50 ton - 66 ton

The Fabmaster single cylinder machine is a compact ironworker that comes complete with a notcher. The frame recess below the punching station allows punching on the flange of large size channel or beam profiles. Mitre shear of angles can be carried out at the flat bar shear station. This model incorporates versatility, efficiency, accuracy and ease of use at an excellent price.

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Double Cylinder 66 ton - 185 ton

The double cylinder "S/SD" series are in the Fabmaster tradition of well engineered ironworkers built for high power, quality, and reliability. These ironworkers have two control foot pedals, and separate operations can be safely performed simultaneously. The low pressure setting for tool change provides maximum operation safety. The long punching cylinder stroke and deep throat enable mounting a wide range of special equipment. The large punching base with the "T-slot" mounting provides a solid base for securing the punching tooling, as well as a wide range of optional and custom designed tooling.

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