Plasma Cutters (Hand Held)

Powermax plasma cutting and gouging systems

Cut metal quickly and cleanly

Plasma is created when gas is ionized by electrical energy. In Powermax systems, its intense heat (up to 22,000° C) is used to melt metal. Compressed air or nitrogen blows the molten metal away, leaving a clean edge that's ready to weld in most cases.

Cut or gouge any electrically conductive metal

Whether in a shop, factory, at home, or in the field, Powermax systems cut and gouge all metal types and forms. Most Powermax models are available with a handheld or machine torch exactly tailored to your application.

Powermax advantages:

  • Best performance in its class
  • State-of-the-art consumable technology delivers faster speeds and better cut quality to help you get more done in less time
  • High portability, simple controls and a stable plasma arc make Powermax systems easy to operate, even for beginners
  • Long consumable life and fast cut speeds lower your cutting and gouging costs

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